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Gas Furnace Maintenance in Draper, UT

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Your furnace is an essential partner in helping your family stay cozy and warm during Utah’s harsh winter temperatures. We can help get it back on track.

Benefits of Annual Gas Furnace Maintenance Services

Receiving gas furnace maintenance services from the experts at Method Air at least once a year provides peace of mind that your system will help you get through freezing winter temperatures comfortably. But a stress-free winter is not the only benefit of gas furnace maintenance. Our team can also help:

  • Save you money – Just like with any appliance or machine, repairs are much easier to complete at the first sign of problems. During your annual tune-up, Method Air will monitor any areas of concern and make suggestions about potential repairs before issues get worse. Not only will simple repairs be less expensive than more complex replacements, but you can save money by fixing problems when they are less urgent due to balmy fall temperatures.
  • Maintain your warranty – Many gas furnaces require regular maintenance services as conditions of their warranties. By ignoring this obligation, you could face a hefty replacement bill if something ever goes wrong.
  • Reduce the risk of breakdowns – By tuning up your gas furnace and regularly checking for any impending issues, we can minimize your risk of breakdowns. Method Air’s services allow you to be proactive about gas furnace repairs.

Extend your unit’s lifespan – Gas furnaces should last for more than a decade, but proper maintenance can potentially extend that expectation for several years. If you care for your gas furnace, it will care for you.

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Your Gas Furnace Should Get a Tune-Up  Every Year

Your gas furnace is likely not an element of your home that you think about every day. It is easy to take such an amenity for granted, but you are sure to notice right away if it stops working. Just like you need to visit a doctor for an annual physical and change the oil in your car regularly, you need to tune up your gas furnace at least once per year. Method Air performs gas furnace maintenance for homeowners in Davis, Utah, and Salt Lake Counties to ensure their systems are operating efficiently and troubleshoot any problems before they worsen. Our insured, trained technicians are familiar with all major manufacturers, so we can complete maintenance on your unit quickly and thoroughly. We recommend getting a tune-up two to four times each year for optimal indoor air quality. But if you are relying on annual tune-ups for your gas furnace, we encourage you to enlist our help before the cold season begins. This approach will help guarantee your system is ready for winter.

Contact Method Air for Gas Furnace Maintenance

At the first sign of tree leaves changing colors – or even before – you should consider a tune-up for your gas furnace. Waiting until the first true cold spell may leave you reliant upon Mother Nature’s mercy. In Draper, UT and the surrounding areas, that is a precarious position in which to be. But Method Air can help you prepare for dropping temperatures and wintry weather. We have a team of licensed professional technicians who can visit your home to inspect your gas furnace and suggest any repairs you may need before the cold season is over. We are proud to serve our neighbors throughout the community, and our staff is committed to your comfort year-round. Our friendly customer service team will walk you through the myriad benefits of gas furnace maintenance services, and our technicians will then complete them within your schedule and budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Method Air is Your Gas Furnace Expert

The winters in Draper, UT and throughout Salt Lake County can be uncomfortably cold, so trust Method Air to complete all your gas furnace maintenance needs. The best way to prepare for falling temperatures is by tuning up your gas furnace. It is much easier to detect and repair any issues when the climate is still mild. By ignoring your system until a problem arises, you leave yourself vulnerable to Mother Nature. Winters in Utah can be beautiful and even fun, but you want the option to retreat to your warm abode when playtime is done. Method Air can help ensure your gas furnace will remain reliable from the first snowfall through the spring thaw. Call us today to learn about our gas furnace maintenance services and how they can help you.

Our Approach to Gas Furnace Maintenance in Utah

The gas furnace maintenance process involves checking each of your system’s major components to ensure they are operating as they should. During a tune-up, our highly-skilled professionals will perform necessary adjustments, clean and lubricate your moving parts, and test for any issues. Among the tasks we will perform during gas furnace maintenance are:

  • Analyze combustion gases to ensure they meet manufacturer specifications
  • Make sure all access points are sealed tightly
  • Check for and remove any blockages in the fresh air intake grills
  • Examine heat exchanger for rust or signs of corrosion
  • Evaluate burners
  • Clean blower wheel if it is dirty
  • Examine wiring to ensure it is safe
  • Test blower motor and its amp draw
  • Examine belts for cracks or damages
  • Check and repair the unit’s air filter
  • Examine fuel lines for potential leaks
  • Test gas pressure, burner, and pilot
  • Inspect thermocouple

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