As the seasons change and the Utah weather gets hotter, the time to start up your AC unit is approaching fast. Many people run into snags when first starting up their AC units and wind up calling Method Air a local furnace and air conditioning company for cooling system repair. But we’ve found that the most common of these problems have simple solutions that doesn’t always require professional repair services. With that in mind, we’ve provided some quick troubleshooting tips for the first of the year air conditioning start-up and detailed guide that will help you make this year’s start-up go smoothly. Our technicians are available by appointment if you would rather have a professional take care of the startup for you.

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Air conditioning start-up guide and troubleshooting tips

1.   Change the filter. The most common problem in A/C unit start-up is a dirty filter. The filter is located in the furnace, and when it’s dirty, it will make your system freeze up when you try to start it up. To avoid this, clean or replace your filter before attempting to start up the A/C unit. If, however, you discover a dirty filter after turning the unit on, simply turn it off, clean the filter, and wait two hours before turning it back on. Changing the filter in the furnace is the biggest thing you can do to avoid needing professional repair services.

2.   Turn you AC unit on. Using your manufacturer directions to turn the power on your air conditioning unit.

3.   Electrical Problems. If you still have problems starting up your A/C unit, check the breaker box in your house to ensure that the breaker for the AC has not been flipped off. Then check the gray metal box next to the unit to make sure the breaker there has also not been flipped. The unit’s box will either have a normal breaker or a tab you have to pull out, flip over, and put back in.

4.   Check that all vents are open, return air registers are clean and un-blocked in your home when the fan starts blowing. This will alert you if a duct is blocked and will help ensure each room will be cooled appropriately

5.   Ensure good air flow. You may also experience problems with start-up if small objects (like grass, dirt, or cottonwood fluff) get lodged in your A/C unit. To clean these out, turn the unit off and use a standard garden hose to spray the coil at a downward angle. It is important not to use a high-pressure sprayer, as that can damage the unit.

6.   Check that the power to the Furnace is ON.

If you have checked all of these items and your Furnace or A/C is still not working properly, please give us a call at 801-610-2493.

We hope that this short A/C repair troubleshooting guide will help you save money this year. Keep in mind, however, that many air conditioning problems will require professional assistance. If you notice that your central air unit is not working efficiently—running all the time regardless of how hot it is or blowing only hot or warm air—then give us a call at 801-610-2493 to discuss repair costs and special offers.