The winter months can be the best of the year, but if your furnace isn’t working properly, they can easily be the worst. But no one wants to have to pay for furnace tune-up or repair services, especially if you can fix the problem on your own. The following are some quick tips for first of the year furnace startup and a furnace repair troubleshooting guide to help you stay warm and comfortable this winter and avoid costly repairs.

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The first step when starting up your furnace in preparation for winter is to set your thermostat to “heat” instead of “cool.” Ensure that the temperature setting on the thermostat is set higher than the indoor temperature indicated on the thermostat.

Next, make sure the furnace has power. You can easily check this by turning the fan to “ON” using your thermostat. You should also be sure to check the circuit breakers associated with your furnace. Then, check the SSU switch, a small switch on a gray box near the furnace, to ensure it is in the ”ON” position. It can be frustrating to call a repairman just to find that all your system needed was power.

Then it’s time to check the air filters. One-inch-thick filters should be replaced once a month, while wider, high-capacity filters should be replaced once every two months. A clean filter will maximize airflow and system efficiency, saving you a lot of money—and a lot of frustration. Opening the supply and return air vents throughout your house will also increase air flow.

If, after you’ve done all these steps, you find that your system is still not working properly—or even if it’s just working inefficiently—then it’s time to call the professionals. But before calling, make sure you know your furnace model number. It is in the paperwork you got with your unit, but you can also find it behind the front panel of your furnace on the “rating plate” sticker on the upper-left side. Knowing the model number will allow us to come prepared to give you the fast, reliable service you need.

If your furnace is in need of repair, don’t worry! With Method Air’s special offers, you can receive quality heating system repair services for a reasonable price. We won’t force you to pay for anything you don’t need. Call us any time for a free consultation to discuss the specific repair costs for your system. A great resource page is our prepare your furnace for wintertime website page, check it out to learn more.

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