Air ducts in our homes can be traps for dirt and other particles. While many of these particles are harmless and have not conclusively shown to produce health problems, the dirt and dust that adhere to the air ducts and vents can enter your living space and, if serious, can contribute to allergies. If bacteria is present it can lead to illness. The importance of air duct cleaning has significantly increased over the years and allowed Method Air to help our valued customers and members of our communities just like you to capitalize on the benefits.


What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

-Lower amount of Dust/ Dust Mites within your home

-Prevent Mold or Moisture growing bacteria within your ducts or system and then dispersing it into the air

-Improve the airflow throughout your duct work for a more consistent temperature control

-Maintain the level of efficiency with your unit and/or entire system


Who should I hire to clean my air ducts?

Air Duct Cleaning can be an extensive process and may not be something the average homeowner would want to tackle. To get the entire duct system cleaned, it is best to use a reputable company with years of experience to ensure you are getting your system thoroughly cleaned and not damaging any of your system’s components like the motor or coil. Method Air has over 20+ years experience, certification, and the training needed in all areas of the heating and cooling industry. Our expertise ensures your duct cleaning is done right the first time. We will extensively clean all vents and ducts including your furnace blower motor to help maintain energy efficiency. We sanitize to eliminate any bacteria while reducing the number of dust mites, pollen and pet dander inside your home. Our past cleaning customers have noticed how duct cleaning has helped alleviate allergies, asthma, headaches, coughing, sneezing and excessive dust floating around their home.


How often should I have my vents cleaned?

Depending on your individual circumstances, our recommendation is to have your ducts cleaned every two to five years. The determination of how often to have your ducts cleaned is based on the size and age of your home’s system. Additionally, the geographical area you live in can contribute to the cleaning frequency and air quality.


How much is the cost to have my air ducts cleaned?

Air duct cleaning costs vary based on the number of vents, ducts, and main supply/return registers your system has. The blower motor in your furnace and the AC coil in your central air unit must also be considered. A full cleaning by a certified technician in 2018 can range from $500 to $1000. Spring and/or Fall cleaning specials are a great way to take advantage of duct cleaning savings. Our pricing includes your main furnace and up to 11 main floor vents. Of course, if you have more vents we can clean those for a reduced per vent cost. We will always give you a free estimate before we proceed with the appointment or the cleaning to help keep the price within your budget.

As an added benefit, while we are at your home, we will give you our personalized attention, give your system a quick evaluation to let you know the overall health of your heating and cooling systems, and any recommendations and free estimates. Our central office location in Draper Utah allows us to expand our service area north to Salt Lake City, westward to Tooele and from Ogden south to Nephi.

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