In Utah, the best time to prepare your furnace for wintertime is before the winter temperatures plummet to frigid cold and prior to the time you turn on your furnace and find that your system is inoperable. Preparing your furnace for wintertime ensures that your furnace is safe, energy efficient and operating at optimal levels. Hiring a professional furnace company like Method Air to inspect, repair and maintain your heating system will save you time and money overall while ensuring your warmth during the cold winter season.

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Steps you can take to prepare your furnace for winter:

Replace your furnace filter
Maintain the furnace area free from debris and vacuum it to keep dust at bay
Make sure nothing flammable is kept next to your furnace
Program your thermostat to a comfortable setting while you are home, sleeping, and away from the home
Vacuum your vents and registers to remove dust or debris that has accumulated over the spring and summer months

Hire a professional HVAC technician to prepare your furnace for winter:

Test and Inspect your system
Check for unhealthy gases or gas leaks
Clean the blower motor
Have valves inspected and bled

Optional services you can schedule: Duct Cleaning

As outdoor temperatures cool, lowering your cooling thermostat levels to be more in line with the lower outdoor conditions will help increase the longevity of your central air conditioning system while decreasing your ac usage which prevents the unit from running excessively when there is no need and overall saves you money on your utility expenses during the transition into winter. If you have completely turned off your system at the thermostat, once the weather maintains a constant cold temperature, you will want to switch the heat setting option to be back “ON” to prepare your furnace for wintertime then, simply adjust your temperature controls according to a comfort level that feels right for you and your family.

Method Air recommends checking your furnace filter each month throughout the year but especially when you prepare your furnace for wintertime. Visually inspect the filter to ensure it is not covered in dust or dirt. If it is dirty, change it out for a new clean filter. Exchanging your filter monthly or a minimum of once every three months will help your system run efficiently and could increase your furnace-life expectancy. Consistently over the years, Method Air has had multiple service calls where a dirty or clogged furnace filter has tripped the furnace off and will not allow the furnace to run due to insufficient air flow. You can avoid this scenario from happening by simply changing the filter then testing to see if your system is back up and working. If your furnace is still not working, give us a call to have one of our certified technicians out to your location to troubleshoot and resolve your system’s issues. Additionally, make sure to keep all of your air vents and ducts clean, open and clear of debris for proper air flow which keeps your system from overworking. To help combat the dust levels, clean your vent tops and any accessible vent enclosure area while vacuuming your home or office. This may lower the number of times you will have to change your furnace filter.

Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat as you prepare your furnace for wintertime. Method Air can help, contact us about obtaining a quote and having a programmable thermostat installed today. Programmable or WIFI thermostats help homeowners just like you capitalize on potential savings by programming your temp levels to be consistent while away from home or while sleeping. You simply set it and forget it!

Method Air is a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer which means, we provide the highest quality of reliable HVAC equipment, level of service, skills, and standards within the heating and cooling industry. Some of our services besides preparing your furnace for wintertime include selling and installing new high efficiency furnaces, heat pumps and ductless systems for your home or office. Other services we offer include furnace repair, maintenance, indoor air quality solutions such as air purifiers or  whole-home humidifiers, A/C repair and related central air services. We give competitive quotes prior to any work being performed and will help give you all available options that will best fit your needs.

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