Ever wondered how much it will cost to install central air? Common questions from our customers are… Is central air replacement cost the same price if I upgrade my system versus installing a new ac unit in an older home or building? Can I install it myself or is professional installation required? With those questions in mind, we will define what determines central air costs to help you decide whether central air conditioning is right for you and your budget.

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First off, Method Air in Draper, Utah wants you to know central air is a powerful cooling solution, designed to provide more complete cooling for a fraction of the price than other options. Consider your entire system as investment towards the value of your home or office building. It is recommended that you work with a professional licensed air conditioning company who will ensure everything is installed correctly. Remember that the warranty remains valid upon a proper install and if any rebates or current offers are available to keep the overall costs down.

Central Air Conditioning Installation Cost Factors

The first thing to consider when determining central air costs is the presence of ductwork. A Central Air system utilizes a home/building’s ductwork to deliver cool air or heat throughout your house or business. Our technicians will examine your ductwork to ensure you have the proper ductwork installed or if additional ducting is needed to meet the demands of air flow. We will check the vents and seals for leaks to ensure existing ventilation is not in need of repair or replacement. If your house is an older home or office building that doesn’t already have adequate ductwork in place then, keep in mind the installation of additional ductwork may be required and could be a costly addition to your quote.

We always strive to keep the central air costs affordable. Pricing will vary per your situation and new ac install cost factors. A few factors include load calculation, brand of manufacturer, energy efficiency placement and professional installation rates. During our evaluation we will analyze and make calculations to determine the size of air conditioning unit that will do the best cooling for your situation based on the overall square footage of the area that will be receiving the cool air. Generally, up to 600 sq feet will need at least one ton of cooling. If a system is too small, you pay increased costs as the equipment would continually run thus cooling inefficiently. Our cooling experts are professionals, highly trained and licensed. Installation of an air conditioning unit cannot be a DYI project as the EPA requires anyone handling refrigerant to be licensed in handling certain types of chemical substances. Refrigerant is what cools the air and a necessary material involved. We understand accurate estimates are important to our customers and our estimates ensure you are aware of all the costs involved. Our estimate will include, turnaround time needed to complete the job, materials and the labor for the installation. If you are in need of hvac financing we can recommend a trusted financing company for you to obtain credit to cover the expenses and allow you to pay over time.

Next, as you consider energy costs keep in mind that central air is well worth the price. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for central air conditioners can range from 13-24 SEER, with higher-SEER units having higher installation costs, but lower energy costs. Higher-SEER units practically pay for themselves over the years with how much they save you on energy costs.  And the cost advantages of a central air system don’t end there: central air provides high-efficiency cooling for the whole house or building, not just a single room, which means you pay less than you would to cool each room individually. And with a Bryant central air conditioner through Method Air, you can also save on repair costs because of Bryant’s patented DuraGuard Plus™ protection technology. We also offer a variety of special offers to cut costs even further. On average to add to an existing forced air system a Bryant ac unit alone will generally start around $2,400 but will vary based on all of the factors needed to be included to complete the installation. Call for details.

On our website under the A/C section, you will find many useful pages on troubleshooting, common questions and AC summer tips.

We can also help you with your heating costs by installing a high efficient furnace.


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