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Air Duct Sealing in Draper, UT

Method Air Provides Service to Homes & Businesses

No home or business owner wants to pay more than necessary for their monthly utility bills. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your HVAC system is as efficient as possible. Regularly maintaining and checking the system for issues will allow you to increase its efficiency, lowering your energy usage and your utility bill. Method Air provides air duct sealing in Draper, UT, for home and business owners to help improve the efficiency of HVAC systems. If you have noticed your energy bills are increasingly higher, even though your system hasn’t been running any more than usual, the problem could be your air ducts. Please reach out to us today to schedule an inspection of your system, and we’ll pinpoint the issue.

What is Air Duct Sealing?

Air duct sealing is a practice used to seal leaks in the duct system. Your air duct system is made up of numerous parts, all bound together to ensure the air stays inside and makes its way to the proper vents where it will cool or heat your home. Unfortunately, gaps can form in the seams of the duct system, resulting in air leakage. When air leaks from the seams of the ducts, it doesn’t reach the area of your home it should, so it won’t cool or heat thoroughly. This means your system will have to work harder to get your home or business to the desired temperature. Air duct sealing will close up these gaps with a sealant, preventing air leakage and improving the efficiency of your HVAC system.

We Provide Residential & Commercial Air Duct Sealing

Though homes and business use similar heating and AC systems to control the temperature of their interior spaces, there are still some significant differences. This means it takes knowledge of the specific type of system in order to provide the best service. Method Air has experience working with both residential and commercial HVAC systems. No matter the size of your duct system, we will be able to identify all the leaks or gaps in the system and properly seal them to ensure proper airflow throughout your home or business. Whether you own a home or a large business, we can take on your project and tackle it with ease.

How Air Duct Sealing Helps Your HVAC System?

As previously mentioned, gaps at the seams of your ductwork can allow air leakage from the ductwork into the attic or under the floorboards of your structure. This means valuable air is being lost and is never reaching the interior of your home or business space. Our air duct sealing services are designed to identify all the gaps in your system and fill them. Air duct sealing will result in improvements in your air conditioning and heating system’s:

  • Efficiency: When you eliminate gaps in your ductwork, all the air will reach the appropriate destination, helping to ensure the interior reaches the desired temperature. This means your system will not have to work as hard to keep your home or business comfortable, improving its efficiency and lowering your power bills.
  • Comfort: It can be frustrating when you set your thermostat to a temperature, and your system never seems to reach it, even when it’s running as it should. Sealing your air ducts can help to improve your comfort because your rooms will finally be able to reach the desired temperature.

What to Expect from Method Air?

When you hire Method Air for duct sealing, you can expect us to arrive promptly as scheduled to complete your services. Our team will then complete a thorough inspection of every inch of your ductwork to find the areas where air is leaking. Once identified, we can properly seal these leaks to ensure no more air can escape from the system. After completion of our sealing services, you can expect to see a noticeable difference in the comfort and energy costs of your home or business.

Why Choose Us for Air Duct Sealing?

You want to be sure you hire a reliable and experienced company to complete air duct sealing at your home or business. Hiring a contractor without doing research could result in a wasted investment, as technicians without experience may not produce effective results. For this reason, you want to choose an expert team like ours at Method Air. We have many years of experience and will be able to properly identify all gaps in your system and ensure they are adequately sealed to prevent any more leakage. You should choose to hire our team for your air duct sealing needs for all the following reasons:

  • We value your time
  • We have a team of trustworthy and fully trained technicians
  • We offer honest, upfront, and affordable pricing
  • We respond promptly

Contact Us to Schedule Service

It’s clear to see that we are the team to choose for all your HVAC needs, including air duct sealing. While we’re in the process of sealing your ducts, you may also want to consider having us complete air duct cleaning, which can significantly improve your indoor air quality. We also offer standard heating and cooling repairs and maintenance. Whatever your needs, we are here to meet them. If you have additional questions about air duct sealing or our other services, please reach out to us today. You Can also give us a call to set up an appointment at your home or business.



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