Utah summer conditions can hover around 100°F for days on end. Method Air has a few proven AC Summer Tips to help you stay cool while keeping down energy costs and bills.

Customers just like you ask, What is the best temperature setting for my air conditioner in the summer?

Temperature requirements vary from person to person. While one person may be too hot, the other may be too cold. Experimenting with different settings levels with a goal of trying to reduce run times is a great starting point. We recommend a level that your family finds comfortable. On average, most families in Utah have their thermostats set at 75°F and adjust from there.

Choose a temperature that fits your comfort level and use our list of AC summer tips to cut down on energy to reduce your utility bills and maximize potential savings.

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AC Summer Tips

Use a programmable thermostat with at least 4 programmable time/zone settings. Each zone/time will be set per the activity level of your household. A good rule of thumb is to set the temp higher while you are away during the day and during the hours you or your family is sleeping. If properly installed and programmed you could see up to $150 in energy costs savings.
Have your central air conditioning system properly maintained and professionally serviced by a licensed HVAC technician from Method Air. We can help your overall energy consumption and help keep an older conditioner unit running at its maximum efficiency and educate you if repair or ac replacement is needed.

Proper Airflow can assist in keeping the cooling level consistent. To check your airflow, ensure you have all your air ducts wide open to allow for proper circulation. Additionally, if you install and run a ceiling fan while your air conditioning is running, you can feel the increased air circulation making you feel cooler while supporting steady air conditions.
Closing blinds or curtains during the hottest time of the day help keep the heat out of your home or office. Consider wearing loose or lightweight clothing, cooking outside with a BBQ, and drinking cool refreshing liquids which will help improve your comfort.

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Another common question asked is, How can I cut the costs of running my air conditioning unit while keeping our home or office comfortable in the summer months?

You can save up to 5% on your central air costs per each degree you raise on your temperature setting. A great example would be if you currently have your system set to 72°F and paying a bill around $135 a month, by raising the thermostat 4 degrees to 76°F you could save up to $27 a month. Choosing the right Fahrenheit degree for you and your family varies based on finding your ideal comfort level. Energy savings may be greater if you have an energy efficient air conditioner that has been well maintained.

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